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Trim and kayaking straight during a harbour tour

By 30th September 2016 No Comments

When undertaking a kayaking tour in Chichester harbour or on the river Hamble it can be frustrating when the kayak has a mind of its own and constantly wants to spin around. This is often caused by the wind and tide in relation to the trim of your boat. Trim is the weight of the paddlers and equipment placed in the boat and its position in relation to the front and back.

When we place weight into a given part of a boat it will sit lower at the end and create more drag, whilst the other end will sit gopr9938higher and move with more ease. Therefore if you have either the wind or tide behind you the weight should be towards the back of the boat allowing the front to swing around in front of you. I like to see it as you and the equipment are like a flag pole and your boat is a flag. You need to position yourself so the flag (boat) swings around to face the way you want to go.

In short when paddling with the wind or tide behind you, place more weight towards the back of the boat and do the opposite when paddling towards the tide or wind. The tricky bit comes with cross wind or when the wind and tide are going in different directions.

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