Rockets and Riddles

Rockets and Riddles are exciting team building activities aimed at primary school children where they accumulate points throughout the tasks. Children then calculate these points to trade for bottle rockets and additional items before having a rocket showdown at the end of the day.

This is a great class experience which, depending on the number of activities chosen, can accommodate a number of classes throughout the day. Prizes can also be offered if you would like to make it competitive.

Bush Craft

The Adventure Brand offer introductory half/full day courses and overnight camps looking at basic bush craft skills and archery in Creech Woods close to Denmead, Hampshire. For school groups a programme can be written over a number of weeks covering many aspects of bush craft training and hopefully links to the national curriculum. Some suggested activities include:

  • Shelter building with tarps or natural materials
  • Fire lighting prep and different methods
  • Cooking on the open fire with Damper Bread and fresh produce
  • Knife work and saws

Suggestions of some additional child friendly activities

  • Tree hugging and identification
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Making charcoal pencils and pictures
  • Using a Kelly Kettle and making hot drinks
  • March mellow and stick making
  • Archery


Archery is for anybody of 8 years and over and predominantly works with smaller groups between 8-12, depending on the age group and behaviour. The session times are recommended between 45 & 90min and best run in a school hall or large playing fields. Archery has a great opportunity to make links with the national curriculum through the Battle of Hasting, by having key dates and images on the targets, which can incooperate games and prizes if required. Adding up through scoring can also be introduced for basic arithmetic. The Adventure Brand can also offer after school clubs for those running the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and wanting to provide opportunities for students to achieve the physical element.


The energy of children running around collecting orienteering markers can be set up in many different styles. The Adventure Brand can help set up a map and orienteering course within the school grounds and either run the sessions or help support staff to deliver their own sessions. Different navigational activities can also introduce elements of the maths and team work activities.

Progression can also be scheduled into a programme to experience navigation or orienteering courses in the local countryside.

All activities run for Schools and Colleges are approved through the Hampshire check list of providers.