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School Holiday Activities

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The Easter holidays had a warm and sunny feel to them this year and the Adventure Brand took full advantage of the weather, running two days of woodland activities for children on school holiday. The day started with a short walk through the Creech Woods to the located site where stick gathering commenced to start the fire. Enthusiastic kids running around and enjoying the woodland, a big pile of sticks that were little to large appeared. With a quick bit of wood splitting by the instructor’s and some chare cloth to match a fire was quickly roaring.

School Holiday Activities

The mellow stick was next on the agenda with the perfect length and diameter stick required for sharpening and drying. A couple a marsh mellows were consumed and with fuel in their belly’s the second activity was ready and soon under way.

School Holiday Activities

They are for kids who like to get a little grubby and play in the woods, the school holiday activities provide some basic bush craft and archery fun. These sessions are predominantly aimed for children aged 7-13 however activities for other age groups and families can be arranged. All children must come with a completed medical consent form and appropriate clothing to stay warm and dry in Creech Woods. Activities will range from day to day with different types of Archery, Fire Lighting, Shelter Building, Cooking and Crafts.

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