The Adventure Brand operates as a mobile centre and will bring the activities to the school for either the day or after school activities. This can either accommodate multiple groups having shorter sessions throughout the day or a more intense experience working with one or two groups.

Prices start at £220 for a full day and largely depend on the activities being provided and the number of students to instructor ratio required. Alternatively you may wish to set up an afterschool club, such as archery where the cost is passed onto the student.

School visits are required before any activity to ensure adequate space and facilities for the given activity.

The challenges and work load on teachers is always high and The Adventure Brand are truly supportive of the residential experience and want to help assist schools and teachers running residential experiences and day trips. We can provide specialist instructors and equipment to help run the experience whether it’s an expedition leader or specific outdoor activity. Schools may want to move away from the adventure in a bun experience, that many big organisation centres offer and have a more tailored and unique experience.

There are a multitude of experiences available for both the young and older student whether it’s a child’s first residential, D of E or a 24 hours into the wild experience. Above all, the Adventure Brand understand the social benefits from the residential experience and want to make them more affordable and inclusive to all.

Schools may find it more cost effective to train and qualify teachers to run their own outdoor activities. The Adventure Brand can tailor a number of different workshops or courses to suit the demand and below are a number of options:

  • Setting up school orienteering maps and training teachers on how to use them.
  • Equip and set up a number of team building activities such as bottle rockets.
  • Training and assessing teacher’s up in the use of site specific school climbing walls.