Performance Coaching

Want to improve your climbing? The Adventure Brand provide one to one or small group coaching session aimed at beginners through to intermediate climbers. The key focus is on what you want from your climbing, whether that’s specific techniques, different angles of wall, climbing with more grace or for most but not all to climb harder. Your coach will discuss and watch your climbing to come up with strategies and techniques to help improve those areas and importantly provide development tasks to work with in your own time. The majority of coaching will come through technique development and some focus on possible physical and mental training.

  • One to one coaching £30 hr + wall entry
  • Small group coaching £20 hr per person + wall entry

Introduction to rock climbing

This is a fun day out introducing you to outdoor climbing, aimed at both beginners and those with some experience of indoor climbing. The course will teach you the basics of climbing and provide essential skills that can be used and transferred into public climbing walls. The course can be tailored to the requirements of the group, whether it’s a family day out or a group of friends.

  • Half Day £50 per person
    (Minimum of 4 people & discounts available for 5+)
  • Full Day £90 per person
    (Minimum of 2 people & discounts available for 5+)


1 to 1 / Group
Half / Full Day

Learn to Lead

If you are at that stage where you want to learn the safe techniques of lead climbing, the Adventure Brand can provide experienced instruction for either sport or traditional climbing techniques. It is recommended that you receive two days instruction to help consolidate the learning outcomes, especially for traditional gear placement. During the course you will expect to the following outcomes:

  • Using and interpreting guide books
  • Reading routes and grades
  • Safe lead belay techniques
  • Building belays
  • Safe gear placement and much more

Full Day £90 per person
(Traditional leading requires two people)
(Sport leading discounts for 3+)

Personal Guiding

If the sharp end is not for you and you want to explore the amazing crags of Swanage, you can hire a personal guide for the day to take you on both single and multi-pitch climbs. Personal guiding is for one or two people and will still cover important skills to becoming a safe and competent belayer and second. The day will include the exhilaration of abseiling into Swanage sea cliffs and hopping across the boulders below before climbing back out. A variety of climbs and abseils will be completed throughout the day with a range of difficulty/grade, to cater for your requirements.

Full Day £180


This course covers specific skills to help rescue injured or struggling climbers, with sea cliffs and multi pitch routes in mind. There are many skills to learn from the basics to more complex techniques and those covered will be determined by your prior experience and knowledge. During the course you will progress through some of the following outcomes:

  • Prevention is better than cure
  • Safe abseiling
  • Abseiling and lowering past the knot
  • Tying off the belay plate
  • Ascending a rope
  • Assisted pulley
  • Escaping the system (advanced skill)

Full Day £90 per person (minimum of 2 people and discounts available for 3+)