School Archery

The adventure brand runs a mobile archery range for schools that predominantly uses the open space of school fields in the summer and school halls in the winter. We can tailor to the schools needs and find a rolling programme of students who attend a 45min session works best. It is recommended that children under 11 years old should be in groups no bigger than 8 per instructor and older children in a maximum group size of 12. The range starts at £200 with all the equipment and one qualified instructor. Additional instrucotrs can be arranged on request to double the group sizes.

To book please send the Adventure Brand an enquiry where we are happy to answer any questions and help accommodate any needs from the school or pupils. We are also set up on the Hampshire and West Sussex County Council’s payment scheme to help reduce the paperwork load on teachers.

Mobile Range

We can offer a mobile range that will come to you, whether it’s for a children’s party, cooperate day’s or a public event. Importantly, the desired venue needs to be assessed for its suitability for the activity and can be run either outdoors or in a community hall environment. Prices start from £140 for a half day and £220 for a full day, depending on location and distance travelled.