Level 1 canoe & Kayak coach

Aim of the Paddlesport Instructor

The Level 1 Paddle Sport Programme trains candidates in the skills to paddle both canoe and kayak to the British Canoe Unions 2 Star standard and then progress onto their Level 1 Coaching Award. The programme is stretch out over 6-7 months to ensure candidates gain the required experience in a variety of disciplines and environments. You will get the opportunity to develop your paddling in the tidal harbours around Chichester and Portsmouth, local rivers and then master these skills in your teaching, which is based on the sheltered water of canals and small lakes.

The candidate receives eleven days of input with five days focusing on developing solo canoe, river and sea kayaking disciplines. On the sixth day you will undertake your 2 Star Assessment where you have to demonstrate proficient control in both the canoe and kayak. Your canoe skills can be demonstrated in tandem for the 2 Star however you will be expected to have good control over a solo canoe for your Level 1 Coach. On day seven you will undertake the British Canoe Unions Foundation Safety and Rescue Training (FSRT) course which covers flat water rescues and preventative measures to keep a group of paddlers safe in a sheltered water environment. These first seven days of input are predominantly at weekends and spread out to help accommodate work commitments.

The final four days will be spent completing the Level 1 Coach training and assessment course, where you will be expected to demonstrate and be assessed in your own paddle skills in canoe and kayak; safety and rescue scenarios; your ability to coach other people and much more. The final Level 1 Coach assessment course is run mid-week during the first or second week of the school Easter holidays.

The course costs £635 which includes all coaching, training courses and personal equipment. In addition you will need to consider becoming a member of the British Canoe Union which will reduce the cost of registration for the qualifications and Level 1 Coach. You will have to pay a registration fee to the British Canoe Union for your 2 Star, FSRT and Level 1 Coach which will roughly cost between £50-72 depending on whether you are a member or not. It would also be recommended to purchase some basic instructor equipment such as a throw line, tow line, karabiner and knife, which we can provide guidance with once you are signed up to the course.

Training Experience

Although the programme is aimed at beginners some previous paddling experience is recommended.

Training Course Dates:

27th October 2016
30th October 2016
20th November 2016
25th February 2017
5th March 2017
2nd April 2017
9th April 2017
Easter Holiday (4 days of level 1 coach T.B.C.)

Cost £635 per person (monthly instalments available)

For more information please use the contacts page with your enquiry.